Class Mission & Goals

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Our Mission Statement


We, the students in Miss Green's class will read our books, learn our popcorn words, write stories, and learn our math. We will think first and do our best work so that we will be ready for second grade.

We are a Quality Team: Skyler ~ Kylie~ Alexis ~ Chase ~ Madison ~ Maddy ~ Julian ~ Levi ~ Jacob~ Koryann ~ Isiah ~ Isiah ~ Julia ~ Kyler ~ Colten ~ Reagan ~ Taylor ~ Zadia ~ Makenna ~ Carson !

-September, 2007


Ground Rules: We will
  1. Use whisper voices and work at our tables and in centers.

  2. We will keep our hands and feet to ourselves.

  3. We will listen to the speaker and raise our hand.

  4. We will keep our room clean.

  5. We will line up quietly.

  6. We will be kind to each other.

Our students work smart each day to achieve specific goals that will help them be prepared for the next grade level. Our goals are:

By the end of first grade, the students...

  • will read at Level J - DRA 16+

  • will write at Rubric score 12+

  • will pass the end of the year math test with 75% accuracy.

Spelling tests are given every Friday, except on the days when we don't have have school on Friday. The goal each week is 80% success for all students.

Our students are a quality team!



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Personal Mission & Goals


Reading Progress




Issue Bin


Spelling Progress





We work together each day to learn the concepts we need to be prepared for the next grade level. We regularly set goals and monitor our own progress to stay focused and on track.

Students and teachers utilize data to monitor academic performance and behavioral progress.

  • Classroom data centers display class progress towards a particular goal
  • Student data notebooks allow students to track their progress towards academic and behavior goals