Behavior Wheel

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Each student has a clothespin with his/her name on it. The clothespin is placed on our classroom color wheel. All students start the day on green. The students move their clothespins to a different color as a result of inappropriate behavior.

Color Wheel Codes


YELLOW - Friendly Reminder/Warning

Red - Redirection to another activity or area (possible loss of recess)

Black - A few minutes of missed choice time; Note Home (possible lunch detention); Office Referral



  1. Be Kind

  2. Be Safe

  3. Be Respectful

  4. Be a Thinker

  5. Be Prepared




At School

We are here to learn, always try our best, and be kind to others.

Our Class Mission Pledge

Personal Mission Statement

To create focus on the most significant BIG IDEAS students are expected to learn in language arts and Math through the development and implementation of an articulated curriculum and a quality assessment system.


To provide a caring learning environment, challenging, encouraging and inspiring students to learn and succeed in first grade.

1. Focus on strategic learning that help them gain meaning of vocabulary and comprehension of text. 

2. Focus on strategic problem solving in math.

2. Personalize learning in my classroom.

3. Provide engaging work for my students everyday.

4. Engage families of my students in student learning.

Using Project SOAR in the classroom

Working on our Work: Quality Tools for the Classroom

ISSUE Bin – This quality tool opens communication between students and the teacher.  We will use this once each day.

  • Acknowledges students' ideas and questions
  • Values needs, concerns and questions in the classroom
  • Maintains a history of team ideas/questions
  • Provides a time to address issues at an appropriate time without
  • disrupting the teaching moment.

Data Center

Charts: We chart our progress in reading and spelling in our data notebooks and as a class to organize, analyze, and display data for goal setting.

Flow charts are used to clearly define, communicate, and monitor multi-step processes.


Go for Green!