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Lessons and Templates

Primary Smartboard Resources

Center School District SMARTboard Sites

Center School District SMARTboard Templates

Sullivan Public Schools Templates for SmartBoards!

Interactive White Board Resources

Notebook software lesson activities

Using the Equipment and Software

Lesson Resources
  • Center School District SmartBoard Templates
    Materials for all grade levels from a Missouri school district.
  • Great SmartBoard Sites (K-3)
    A long listing of materials for early elementary grades in mathematics and language arts, with additional links to lesson planning sites.
  • Primary Resources for Interactive Whiteboards
    This list from England’s Birmingham Grid for Learning (BGfl) may be the most comprehensive one for all school subjects. They also have versions of the activities described as “dedicated whiteboard version”.
  • SMARTBoard
    This page is support for a workshop done in Mendon, MA materials for a workshop held there. Requires software download.
  • Smartboard Ideas
    Resources for early elementary grades from the Martha Womack Bardwell School. For example, see the fraction model—slider lets students change the circle and visualize fractions
  • Whiteboard Resources
    From Birmingham, England. Some of the math stuff looked good. Of course counting pence instead of pennies might not work!
  • Grafton Public School District Whiteboard Activities
  • Scholastic
  • Study Dog This is a software that you down load to your computer so you don't have to be connected to the hard drive to complete these activities. There are 3 levels of this software.

Other Resources