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Many thanks to Tracie Pohlmeyer for her inspiration and ideas for the Zoo Unit

Switcheroo Zoo

Aesop animated Fables

Zoo Animals 

Zoo Books


Songs and Poems

Giraffes - Heads above the Rest

by Susan Munguia

for Lasting Lessons


Some people live next door to the Smiths,

or maybe the Martins or Taffs.


But for years our next door neighbors

have been Mr. and Mrs. Giraffe.


Some friends will let us borrow sugar,

others water our plants when we are out of town.


But when our kitten or kite gets stuck in a tree,

guess who will get them down?


Mr. Giraffe is the chief window washer

at the high-rise buildings on Main,


And Mrs. Giraffe can forecast the weather,

she's the first one to know if there's rain.


They will "stick out their necks" to help anybody,

they are heads above the rest.


When it comes to being great neighbors,

the Giraffes are by far the best!


by Meish Goldish

Sung to: "Skip to My Lou"

Zoo, zoo, who's in the zoo?
Zoo, zoo, who's in the zoo?
Zoo, zoo, who's in the zoo?
Who's in the zoo to visit?

Monkeys swinging on a tree,
Sheep and lions grazing free,
Tall giraffes, a sight to see!
All in the zoo to visit.


Deer with antlers on their head,
Hippos waiting to be fed,
Peacocks with their feathers spread,
All in the zoo to visit.


Polar bears all getting wet,
Baby goats that I can pet,
Elephants I won't forget,
All in the zoo to visit.


Tickled Pink

by Susan Munguia

for Lasting Lessons


What's as pink as Pepto-Bismol,

cotton candy, bubble gum,


Your mother's favorite lipstick,

or the inside of a plum?


What's pinker than your tongue

after a popsicle that's cherry?


Pinker than your sister's bow,

or the small wings of a fairy?


Pinker than the pads

on a little kitten's paws,


As pink as strawberry shakes

and pinker than the straws.


Picture a group of fine-feathered friends,

close your eyes and think.


If you see a flock of flamingos,

then I'll be tickled pink!

King of the Jungle

by Susan Munguia

for Lasting Lessons


He's the king of the jungle,

mighty and proud.


His roar makes you tremble,

It's ferocious and loud.


His man is majestic

but his tail makes me laugh.


Don't tell him I said that,

he could tear me in half!


How I wish this proud beast

could make a fine pet.


(Mom said that's an idea

I should quickly forget!)


If I could just shave our dog

to look like a lion ...


But we have a chihuahua ...

Can't blame me for tryin'!

Come To The Zoo

by Helen H. Moore


Come along, come along.

On a trip to the zoo!

We'll see a swinging chimpanzee

And a kangaroo (or two!)

And maybe a zebra, taking a drink,

And a roaring lion,

And, what do you think?

A tall giraffe, plucking leaves from a tree-

Come along to the zoo

And see them with me!

If You Should Meet a Crocodile

Author Unknown


If you should meet a crocodile

Don't take a stick and poke him;

Ignore the welcome in his smile,

Be careful not to stroke him.


For as he sleeps upon the Nile,

He thinner gets, and thinner.

And whenever you meet a crocodile,

He's ready for his dinner.

The Kangaroo

by Dale M. Hewlett


"Come crawl right in

And ride with me,

my Joey Kangaroo.

Mother has a special pouch for you!


We can hop together

Around the countryside;

I have a built-in carrier

In which to take a ride.


But if you'd rather go alone

Then balance with your tail,

Give a push, a little hop

And through the air you'll sail"


Take Me to the Zoo!

by Barbara Schmidt


Take one, take two

Take me to the zoo!

Take three, take four,

Let me in the door!

Take five, take six,

I'll ask: "How's tricks?"

Take seven, take eight,

Let me in the gate!

Take nine, take ten,

Just tell me when.


And when I'm there, here's what I'll say,

"Hi guys ... what's new with you today?'

How are you, kangaroo?

Comb your hair, grizzly bear.

Look at me, chimpanzee.

Doing fine, porcupine.

Where it's at, tiger cat.

See you later, alligator.

In a while, crocodile.


Take one, take two,

Take me to the zoo!

Jumping Monkeys

Author Unknown


Five little monkeys

Jumping on the bed,

One fell off

And bumped his head.

Mama called the doctor,

And the doctor said,

"That's what you get for

Jumping on the bed!"

The Monkeys At The Zoo
Sung to: Farmer In The Dell

The monkeys at the zoo,
The monkeys at the zoo.
Hi-ho, they laugh and play.
The monkeys at the zoo.
The monkeys run and hide.
The monkeys run and hide.
They like to play, then run away.
The monkeys at the zoo.

Elephants at Play

Author Unknown


One elephant went out to play

On a spider's web one day.

She had such a lot of fun,

She called for another elephant to come.


Two elephants went out to play

On a spider's web one day.

They had such a lot of fun,

They called for another elephant to come.


Three elephants went out to play

On a spider's web one day.

The spider came along to say,

"You'll break my web, now go away!"

The Lion Roars With a Fearful Sound

by Mabel Segun

The lion roars with a fearful sound,
Roar, roar, roar!
The lion creeps, its prey to catch,
Creep, creep, creep!
The lion pounces with a mighty leap,
Leap, leap, leap!
The lion eats with a crunching sound,
Crunch, crunch, crunch!
The lion sleeps with a gentle snore,
Snore, snore, snore!


Unit Activities

Begin the zoo unit with a KWL chart. We list facts we know about zoos, and things we want to know about zoos, and at the end of the unit, we write the things that we learned about zoos. K-W-L Chart Home Project.


Good Morning Zoo Song

by Tracie Pohlmeyer


Good morning to the monkeys.

Good morning to the lions.

Good morning to the koala in the tree.

Good morning to the zebras.

Good morning to the bears.

Good morning to the hippo and the seals.

Good morning to the hippo too!

The zookeeper says, "Good Morning to you."



Earning Stripes

From in "Zoo"bilee

Our class will earn 10 stripes to have a zoo party. Use a vis-a-vis marker for making your stripes.


Zoo Riddles

From A Trip to The Zoo Milliken Publishing Company

At the end of the unit, make your own riddles for some zoo animals.


When I go out playing,

Upon the ice and snow,

Below the Antarctic Circle

Is where I always go.

I am a __________.

The forest lands of China

Are where I like to roam

But fresh and tender bamboo shoots

Can make me feel at home.

I am a __________.

My orange bushy mane

Is hard to disguise,

To capture my food

I depend on surprise.

I am a __________.

I have a sharp horn

In the center of my snout,

Dressed in a coat of armor

I like to charge about.

I am a __________.

Although I have four legs

I normally use just two,

Hidden in my special pouch

There's a baby __________.

My coat is so neat

And hard to disguise,

My black and white stripes

Play tricks on your eyes.

I am a __________.

When caught in a fog

It's hard to see

My feet so far below.

Though others complain

Their legs are too long,

'Twas my neck that continued to grow!

I am a __________.

The mighty eucalyptus tree

Is the one I always choose;

I snack upon its tender leaves

and then I take a snooze.

I am a __________.

When all my friends go swimming

Their whole body they must dunk.

But I just use my built-in hose

I'm glad I have a trunk.

I am a __________.

I lurk among the shadows

In stripes of orange and black,

Waiting for a careless prey

So I can jump upon its back.

I am a __________.


Guess Who? A Zoo Animal Riddle Book by Kinderlit

Students solve riddles to identify zoo animals. By reading fiction and non-fiction zoo books in your classroom, students will learn all about zoo animals.




Predictable Books/Language Experience Stories

Zoo Keeper, Zoo Keeper, What Do You See?

This is a predictable book that has the same concept as Brown Bear, Brown Bear.

Each page has this frame. You can do this book as a whole group or it could be a center activity in a pocket chart. The students illustrate the animal and copy the words in the correct places.


I see a __________ looking at me.

The __________ said, "__________."


Class Books



Make an Zoo Alphabet Book after brainstorming things we see at the zoo.


Make a class book called "Our Favorite Zoo Animals."



Poems Ready to Use


These three poems are found in "Zoo"bilee ready to enlarge, color, and use.






Monkey Alliterations

from Alphabet-Soup

Students write down or tell you sentences about monkeys.

All words in the sentence should begin with M as in monkey.
Monkeys move.
Monkeys mop.
Monkeys mimic motorcycles.
Monkeys mash melons.
Monkeys munch marshmallows.
Millions more monkeys made monster masks.

Try other animals too!


Math Activities



Sort animal crackers.


Sort zoo animal counters.


Sort zoo animals and farm animals.


Monkey Addition

Use a Barrel of Monkeys for manipulatives for adding.


Estimate plastic zoo animals.


Estimate animal crackers.



Graph animal crackers.


Graph your favorite zoo animal. Animal photos from "Zoo"bilee from Lasting Lessons.



Graph your favorite zoo book. Idea from "Zoo"bilee from Lasting Lessons.



After reading, Katy No Pockets, graph the number of pockets each student is wearing.

Idea from "Zoo"bilee from Lasting Lessons




Make patterns with zoo animal pictures or zoo counters.



Sequence animals by size.



Categorize zoo animals into weight categories and height categories.


Monkey Math

Counting by 5's Teacher's Helper April/May/June 1999


Social Studies


Chart important things about zoo animals.


Discuss the role of a zookeeper.


Discuss what foods zoo animals eat.




The important thing about __________ is that they have __________.


"I saw a __________ at the zoo," said __________. The __________ needs __________.


Student name is "WILD" about zoo animal because reason. From "Zoo"bilee from Lasting Lessons.


TLC Activities


TLC Lessons Zoo Animals


The End


TLC Zebra

We make a zebra from the TLC Alphabet Book.



TLC Alligator

This was an online TLC project in 2002.



TLC Elephant

We make an elephant from the TLC Alphabet Book.



TLC Elephant

We make an elephant from the TLC Animals Book.



TLC Koala

We make a koala from the TLC Alphabet Book.





Body 5 x 5 pink square
Neck 4 x 9 pink rectangle
Wing 3 x 4 ½ pink rectangle
Legs ¼ x 8 pink rectangle
Feet 2 x 4 pink rectangle
Eye 1 x 1 orange square
Bill Top 1 ½ x 2 orange rectangle
Bill Tip 1 ½ x 2 black rectangle




Mane 6 x 7 orange
Head 4 x 4 ½ brown
Nose 3 x 3 orange
Nose 1 ½ x 1 ½ black
Eyes 1 ½ x 1 ½ black
Iris ¾ x 1 ½ orange
Ears 2 x 4 brown
Body 6 x 8 orange
Legs 6 x 1 ½ orange
Tail ½ x 5


Head 6 x 6 black square
Face 4 x 4 manila square
Ears 2 x 4 black rectangle


Body 3 ½ x 5 ½ black or dark green
Tail 3 x 4 black or dark green
Lower Belly 2 x 1 ½ red
Head 3 x 3 ½ yellow
Eye ¾ x ¾ blue
Pupil ½ x ½ black
Beak 2 ½ x 5 orange
Head 2 ½ x 3 ½ black or dark green
Chest 2 x 2 ½ red
Branch 1 x 4 brown
Feet ¾ x 2 blue


Body 6 x 3 gray rectangle
Head 3 x 2 gray rectangle
Ears 1 x 2 gray rectangle
Tail 3 x ½ gray rectangle
Legs 2 x 4 gray rectangle
Horns 2 x 1 gray rectangle



Body 3 ½ x 6 gray rectangle
Head 3 ½ x 2 ½ gray rectangle
Legs 6 x 1 gray rectangle



Body 3 ½ x 6 brown rectangle
Head 1 ½ x 2 ½ brown rectangle
Front Legs 4 x 1 brown rectangle
Back Legs 4 ½ x 3 ½ brown rectangle
Tail 5 x 2 brown rectangle

Use scraps for ears



Body 5 x 4 dark brown rectangle
Belly 3 ½ x 2 ½ light brown rectangle
Head 3 x 3 dark brown square
Face 2 x 1 ½ light brown rectangle
Arms 8 x ¾ dark brown rectangle
Legs 8 x ¾ dark brown rectangle
Tail ½ x 5 ½ dark brown rectangle

Use scraps for ears

Use yellow scrap for banana




Body 3 ½ x 7 orange rectangle
Head 3 x 3 ½ orange rectangle
Tail, Back leg, Front Leg 4 2 ½ orange rectangle



Zoo Keeper

Head 4 x 4 flesh square
Mustache 1 x 2 brown rectangle
Hat Crown 4 x 2 ½ blue rectangle
Hat Brim 1 x 3 black rectangle
Neck 1 x 1 ½ flesh rectangle
Coat 5 x 4 blue rectangle
Sleeves 1 ½ x 10 blue rectangle
Hands 1 x 3 flesh rectangle
Pants 2 x 12 red rectangle
Shoes 2 x 6 black rectangle

Use scraps for ears




Cut corners and round a 8 x 8 yellow square. Then cut the square into a spiral until to can make a head. Color on the eyes and add a gray tongue. Use brown and green crayons for the markings.



Paul Penguin

From in "Zoo"bilee






Body 4 x 3 orange rectangle
Neck 1 x 6 orange rectangle
Head 3 x 2 orange rectangle
Tails 2 x 2 ½ orange rectangle
Ears 1 x 1 orange square
Horns 1 x ¾ orange rectangle
Legs 12 x ½ orange rectangle







Field Trip


We take our trip to the ME Zoo, May 23rd.

Zoo Webquests


Zookeeper, Zookeeper What Do You See K-1

Zoo Animals WebQuest by Lettie L. Harris Grade 1
A Quest For Zoo Animals With Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear K-1
Zack's Wacky Zoo WebQuest
A hippo for a pet WebQuest: by Miss Wadsworth Grade 1

Zoo Games

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BlackDog's Zoo Animal Match
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Zoo Concentration
Zoo Animal Hangman
Build a Beast (San Diego Zoo)
Animal Scramble
Cheetah build a puzzle
Zebra Jigsaw Puzzle
Orangutan Jigsaw Puzzle
Tiger Jigsaw Puzzle
Lion Jigsaw Puzzle
Giraffe Jigsaw Puzzle
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Young Elephants Jigsaw Puzzle
Baby Elephant Jigsaw Puzzle
Blackdog's Zoo Animal Puzzles & Postcards
Blackdog's Zoo Animal Tic Tac Toe
Blackdog's Zoo Animal Word Search
Zoo Animal Word Jumble
Kids Planet Who Am I? Guess the animal by its sound
Animal Planet Concentration
Who Am I? Pop up Quiz

Zoo Animals
Animal Diversity Web
Classifying Critters
Kratts' Creatures
Animal Links
Animals at Enchanted Learning
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Ranger Rick
National Geographic Kids
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Yahooligans! Animals
Webquests K-2
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Animal Links

Zoos to Visit
Alaska Zoo Virtual Tour
Toronto Zoo
Oakland Zoo Animals - A to Z
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Zoobooks Virtual Zoo
Zoo Visits Online
Sheldon First Grade Zoo Pages
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Sounds of the World's Animals
Cleveland Metropark Zoo Animal Information (good for animal research info & pictures)
Cleveland Metro Parks Zoo "What 's It Called" Learn what a baby animals are called and more!
Creature World Click on the Continent to learn information about the animals that live there!
Animals You Can See at the Zoo Animal illustrations, info and sounds
From Antelope to Zebra Fact Pages
Cyberzoo Animal List
Chicago Public Schools Grade 1 Zoo Animal Reports (great for student research)
Indianapolis Zoo Animal Fact Sheets
Honolulu Zoo Animal Fact Sheets
Bembo's Zoo




Bulletin Board Ideas


Who's in the 1st GradeZoo?


Going to the Zoo


Who's Who in the Zoo?


Zany Zoo Fun

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