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Learn more about the United States? 
**There's a wealth of information on the 50 site!  This includes 
everything from the capital to what their license plate looks like.  

**KidSpace is a great resource for kids to learn more about our 50 states too.

**The KidPort site provides lots of great information too! After learning key
facts take 
a state quiz to test your knowledge.

**Check out First Gov for Kids. On this site, you can see a website for each state!

**Explore the country at America's Library! There are facts and trivia with a
clickable map.  

**Once you've studied the locations of the states, you can try your hand at this
 challenge.  Can you correctly place each state?  It's harder that it looks!  :o) 

**At State, you can even make a report cover with your state animal on it!

**Find out which star on the US flag "belongs" to your state! You can also see each
of the 50 state flags on this site.

**Do you wonder if there more boys or girls in your state? Find out more about each
state's population at Fact Finder Kid's Corner from the US Census Bureau!  

**Check out the Map Machine from National Geographic. You can plug in the zip code
where Ollie is traveling to see a road map and even a satellite image of his location!

**Of course, there are tons of books to read about our country as well: