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    Fuzzy Lion Ears Click on the letter that makes the word you heard.

  1. Fuzzy Lion Ears Click on the letter that makes the word you heard.
  2. The Whirlyword Machine 3 letter CVC words.
  3. Read and hear Poems
  4. Small Words in Big Words
  5. Reading Rover's Sound Check Distinguish words that differ by the initial sound or phoneme.
  6. Short Vowel Long Vowel Sort
  7. Lots of Phonics Resource games
  8. Sight Words from Quiz Treestar_smallj.jpg (51789 bytes)

  9. Sight Words
    Move your mouse over words to hear them read.
  10. Phonics for Fun

  11. Pam's Pad from Child U

  12. Instructor Web
    Register prior to lab time for free basic access (fee based subscription also offered). Click "Interactive Lessons", and then Sight Words Practice.
  13. Story Bear
    "The Wishing Tree" and others. Read along as you listen. Be ready to click when it asks. Read Only-No Sound option available.
  14. Starfall
    Learn and read interactive stories and games. Click each word in a story to hear it read to you.

  15. Gus & Inky by Get Ready To Read
    Guk & Inky's Underwater Adventure and Gus & Inky's Rhyme Time. Listen and read. Be ready to click.

  16. Looney Library
    Online stories change periodically. Drag and drop a word into the blank to complete the sentence. It will then read the sentence to you. Try other words if you want. Click the Next button to advance when ready.

  17. Matching Pets & Matching Fruit by Class Brain
    Select Matching Cards to read words and find their matching picture. Try to better your score each round. English plus other languages offered.
  18. Silent e song sites
    Garden of Praise Spelling Rules
    Spelling Rules by Garden of Praise - Songs to help you remember the rules. Activities - click the correctly spelled word - using the 1-1-1 Rule, Silent e, Y Spelling, and Plurals.
  19. Double o "oo" Song & When 2 Vowels Go Walking
    Others including "Sometimes Y" and "Without an S".

  20. Word Builder by iKnow That and Word Match
    Several categories including individual long and short vowels, blends, silent letters, etc. Click the Maybe Later button to bypass registration.

  21. Phonics Year by Year
    Matching beginning letters to pictures. Matching blends.

  22. Berenstain Bears
    Click Barn Theater for video stories read online. Click Activities to read a story and try other activities.

  23. Robert Munsch Virtual Story Room
    Listen to the author read the stories.

  24. Word Play
    Click a word to hear it and watch as it is animated according to its meaning. Printable list of words
  25. Rhyme Rodeo by TVO Kids
    Listen and read. Click words or pictures to fill in the blanks and create a rhyme. Click to have it read at the end.

  26. Korky's Cool Rhyme Machine

  27. Literacy Center
    Reading, uppercase & lowercase, etc.

  28. Oxford Primary Fun Zone
    Click on "My Very First Oxford Dictionary Coloring Book". Paint by color words. Fill in all the color sections to watch it move and another picture appear.
    Try "My Very First Oxford Dictionary Dot to Dot" to connect the A B Cs in order.
    TIP: Click the left and right arrows on the space ship to see different activities.

  29. Drag & Drop Game by Prongo
    Read the words in the wooden boxes. Drag the correct picture to each word.
    It will then read that word to you and show a bigger picture.

  30. Find My Match by EZ School
    Pictures to words, Synonyms, Antonyms. Grades K-5. Caution: Ads could be bothersome.

  31. Little Explorers Picture Dictionary
    Click the letters along the top to look up things.
    Teachers, excellent printable worksheets are offered to go along with this site for early readers and grades 2-3.
  32. Arthur's Story Scramble star_smallj.jpg (51789 bytes)
    Read or listen to each part of the story. Use your mouse to rearrange them in the correct sequence. Then click "Read It".

  33. Little Red Hen story & activities
    Activities include Drag & Drop Sequence.

  34. Cookie Dough
    Reading number words. Choose a category, 1-10, 1-100, up to 10,000. You'll see checks with the amount written. You read the number word and type that number. You may choose to instead see the number and type the word.

  35. Cats in Line
    Find the orange cat among each line of black cats. Click the correct word to show what place the orange cat holds, first, second, third,...

  36. What's the Word
    Choose a category of words to read such as Fruit, Shapes, ... You'll see a picture and 4 words. Click the word that describes the picture. Your score is kept at the top.

  37. Fishing Bears - What's The Big Idea?
    Use Harcourt textbooks and password. Main idea activity.
  38. Edwina's Energetic Elephant
    Click the ear below each picture to hear each word read. Click the eye to see something happen in each picture.

  39. Children's Storybook
    The Farm Animals and other early reading illustrated stories. Click each word in The Farm Animals to hear it read, or click the speaker to read the page.

  40. Goodnight Stories
    Have your book ready. Listen and follow along with the actual book from your library. Stories include The Cat in the Hat.
  41. Kids' Stories and Stories for Little Kids from British Council
    Hairy Henry is found in the Longer Stories section. Click links within the story for more information on sites Henry visits in London. Double-click any word to read a definition.

  42. Andersen Fairy Tales
    Have your headset on. Read along to "The Leaping Match" and then try the activity at the end. You'll need to pay attention to number words throughout the story. Links to other stories at the bottom of the page including "The Real Princess", "Animated Tall Tales - Paul Bunyan",

  43. Grimm Fairy Tales
    Have your headset on. Read along to "The Brementown Musicians". Links to other stories at the bottom of the page.

  44. All About Farm Animals
    Read about farm animals and try some activities.

  45. Fun With Spot
    Click the flag to enter. Click the bookshelf to get to the stories. Read "Spots Windy Day" and try other activities.

  46. Bobinogs Interactive Stories
    Listen and click through the online story. Follow directions and make wise choices. Stories include "The Right Clothes" and "Wet, Soap, Rinse, & Dry". (Some stories do not allow you to read along, only listen.)
  47. Kennedy Center Storytime Online
    Follow along as stories are read aloud including Judith Viorst's classic Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day or another story.
  48. Clifford the Big Red Dog - Interactive Stories
    Choose a story to read online. Read and click on the word you want to fill the blank. You can click the sentence or the speaker beside each to hear it read. Fun!

  49. Story Circle
    Click any book. The 3 Bears and the New Baby is found in Bedtime Stories. Listen carefully and use your technology skills to help the bears. Good following directions activity.

  50. Ant Bee's Children's Stories

  51. Nash's Adventures - To Grandma's Party
    Begin with An Invitation. Read and click. Click the Print & Do button next to Digger to get a worksheet about adding silent e. A different worksheet for each section of the story.

  52. Flick's Adventures - The Haunted House
    Begin with Trapped Inside. Read and click as you follow along. Click the Print & Do button next to Digger to get a worksheet about homophones - Part 3 of the story.

  53. Sprat's Adventures
    Begin with Stolen Statue. Read and click as you follow along. Click the Print & Do button next to Digger to get a worksheet. A different worksheet for each section of the story.

  54. Cat at Bat - Rhyming Baseball
    Read the word that appears on the board beside the scoreboard. Watch for words that rhyme with it and click those word balls.

  55. Monkey Business by Game Goo
    Click the planks to put the words in order to create a sentence. If you're wrong, the monkey will fall through the bridge.
  56. Word Turtle Detective star_smallj.jpg (51789 bytes)
    Choose a book from the list, such as The Hungry Caterpillar or The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. A word search puzzle of words from the book appears. Click the beginning letter in the puzzle when you find a word. Levels from Easy to Super Brain. An option to create your own puzzle is also offered.

  57. Barnaby's Day Trip to Paris
    Click Stories to begin. Listen and read along.
  58. Kids Space Stories
    Read stories written by other students. Write your own story. In the monthly story section you use the pictures at the top to give them each a name. Whenever you write that name in your story, the picture will appear, after it's published. These are like the rebus stories in Highlights magazine.
    Teachers: you must submit a request for a password before your class can submit stories.
    To Get Started: Click here to skip all the clicks and go right to the page to start. Teachers can click on "Class Entry Form" to request a password. Students can click on "Monthly Class Story Form" beside #2 to write their story.

  59. Little Planet Times
    Read and discuss stories on courage, perseverance, etc. Activity buttons for suggestions.

  60. Weekly Reader
  61. Kidspiration Activities

  62. Selected e-zines. ("electronic" magazines without the paper.)

    Try some of these e-zines:


  63. RIF's Reading Planet
    Read interviews with authors. Check out the Activity Lab to print and illustrate a story and find fun things to try on the Monthly Activity Calendar. The Game Station includes Story Maker, Poetry Splatter, and more.

  64. Rooting Out Words
    Answer questions about root words, suffixes, and prefixes.

  65. Ramona Forever
    Used with Harcourt textbooks. Choose a suffix or prefix to add to the root word. Then use the new word in a sentence.

  66. Homonym Quizzes

  67. How a Book is Made

  68. Time for Kids

  69. Scholastic News Zone
    Current news stories, games, & quizzes.
    Use the drop down magazine titled Classroom Magazines to select your grade level - offers activities. Level 1 includes Listen & Read. Other levels offer quizzes, scavenger hunts, and more.

  70. CNN Student News

  71. Kids' Post
    The Washington Post for kids

  72. New York Times Student Connections
    Including the Word of the Day. Read the definition and the word in context of current events.

  73. Yahooligans News
  74. Kids News from National Geographic
  75. Newseum
    See today's front page from many newspapers around the world. Newspapers can be sorted alphabetically or by region.
  76. Consumer Reports for Kids

  77. FFFBI
    Fin, Fur, Feather Bureau of Investigation. Put your thinking cap on and read. Teachers, see the teacher section under Project Info for a description.
  78. Mystery Net

  79. Book Adventure
    This free site is sort of like Accelerated Reader. Students can take quizzes on books they have read.
  80. History Mystery
    Read and try to solve the mystery. Several categories such as Colonial, Inventions, Ancient Egypt, Bill of Rights, and more.

  81. Webster's Dictionary
    Lot's of good information here. Thesaurus, etymology, function, synonyms, etc.
    If you don't know what those words mean, you can look them up!

  82. Word Central
    Kids' version of Webster's Dictionary.

  83. Short Circuit by Miss Maggie
    The meaning of prefixes and suffixes. Found in the Game section.

  84. Harry Potter Pronunciation Guide
    Click a word to hear it pronounced correctly.

  85. Adventures with Tracy Beaker
    Read and write adventures with these prompts.

  86. Ace on the Case - Secrets at Sea
    Click Chapter 1 to begin. Read the Hints page. Click the speech bubbles after reading carefully to advance. Access the Field Guide and Ace's Big Notebook of Fun by clicking buttons at the bottom of the page.

  87. Reading Rover
    Reading assessment. Evaluate phonemic awareness and language & reading skills. First time users click here. Teacher and parent questionnaires. Excellent results page. Begin here for additional Brain Teasers, early elementary activities such as ABC Gulp and Bear Wear. Headsets on and listen!

  88. Peetnik Mysteries from SuperThinkers
    Stories, Mysteries, and Activities. Try to solve one of the mysteries of Clutterbuck Valley. The Creativity Workshop section has "How to Make a Book" (movie and puzzles too).
    Teacher section included with lesson plans.

  89. Book Pals, Storyline
    Watch and listen as terrific stories are read by the Screen Actor's Guild. Click "Large" file size for clearest image. EXCELLENT shown on TV monitor. TEACHERS, accompanying activities and lesson plans with each story.

  90. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland audio by Wired for Books
    Read aloud by chapter.

  91. International Children's Digital Library
    Read books online. Alice in Wonderland included. Several languages offered.

  92. The Library of Congress
    Everyday Mysteries and many other sections.

  93. June the Prune Amazing Adventures
    June the Prune other stories and poems. Click to advance each page and click speaker to listen.
    To begin: Drag the magnifying glass handle to position it to see the Story section and then click the story title.
  94. Alfy's Trading Places
    Use the dropdown menu to locate the activity. Drag the picture to the box with the matching word.
  95. Moogle the Messy Beastie

    A fun read aloud story with animation. The sentences are highlighted as they are read. (audio, visual, reflective)

  96. Boowa and Koala- Stories

    Children can watch chapters of their favorite Boowa and Koala stories come to life. With the click of the mouse, children can also hear songs for certain chapters. (audio, visual, reflective)

  97. Boowa and Koala - Musical Games

    Children can enhance their listening ability by playing a series of musical games. (audio, visual, reflective, active)

  98. Songs from Boowa and Koala

    Children can learn to enhance their listening skills by learning these popular childhood songs. (audio, visual, reflective)

  99. Headin' South

    An entertaining read aloud story with animation. The sentences are highlighted as they are read.(audio, visual, reflective, global understanding)

  100. A Capital Idea

    A PowerPoint that explains capitalization. (auditory. visual, reflective, global understanding, sequential)

  101. Sentences ppt
  102. Apostrophe ppt




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