Dolch Words

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~*~ Word Wall Words ~*~

The Word Wall is primarily made up of high-frequency words. They are the words students encounter most frequently in their reading and need most often in their writing. Each week 5 new words are introduced. We practice reading and spelling these new words and then they're placed on the word wall. The children are held accountable for the correct spelling of these words.

Using the Word Wall, students learn about the "word level" of reading. They learn that reading can be so much easier if they learn the high-frequency words that comprise the greatest percentage of text that is read. The Dolch Word Lists include most of the high-frequency words we learn. Some word-wall words help children learn rhyming word families ("at" will help you know hat, fat, cat, that, etc.), while others do not follow phonetic spelling patterns. The purpose is to help children learn to spell high frequency and vocabulary words and begin to use the in their writing.

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Working With Words

Word Wall Template