October Weekly Newsletter

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1st Graders Do "BOO"TIFUL Work! Read All About It!

Here are some fun learning links for the month of October to support what we are learning in our classroom. Don't forget to work on our word study list each week.

Spectacular Spelling Word List 1

~ United Streaming, BrainPop Jr. and web links~

October video clips. When you open the link, just type in your initials with a space between the letters (ex. J space S).

* Is it Living or Nonliving? - Watch this video to learn how to tell the difference between living and nonliving things.
* Monarchs to Mexico - Video about the annual migration of monarch butterflies to Mexico.
Telling vs. Tattling - Video
Christopher Columbus - Video
Our Country's Flag: Old Glory - Video



Verb Action

Stay Afloat Hangman Game for kids

Marvelous Mathematic Links

Funbrain Tic Tac Toe

Sum Challenge

Hidden Picture Sums

What Time is It?

Bright Ideas for Writing

Powerpoint Pre-primer word practice

**Instructions** Click on "Reload" or "Refresh" to get a new flash card.

Don't have PowerPoint on your computer? Click here to download a powerpoint viewer.

The Learning Planet web site for kids

Writing: We are working on writing complete sentences and providing details.

Monsters in a Jar

What does one do when they trap a monster? Why, put it in a jar of course! We will draw our own monsters in a jar and then write about them after reading The Meanies Big Books in class and Go Away Big Green Monster. If you want to make your own Monster in a Jar, click here.

Online Reading Games


Grandparent's Day Online Greeting Cards
Send your grandparents an online greeting
Greeting Cards
Send your grandparents an online greeting

Grandparent's Day Pages on the Web

This link will lead you to home activities that you can do that go with our First Grade Standards.

It is so important to read every night! Take a look at this article to see
what a difference 20 minutes can make!
Why I Can't Skip My 20 Minutes of Reading Tonight

Reading Activities
We will read about community helpers and complete activities associated with that helper. Parents are invited to discuss their community helper job with the class. Let me know if you want to share your occupation with our studen

Community Helpers PowerPoint Introduction This presentation was made by, Courtney Brown. You will need a PowerPoint viewer to see it at home.

Online Tour of Davis Fire Engine 31

Click the Community Worker to learn about their job

We will make a helping hands Venn Diagram: Compare two different community helpers. We will brainstorm a list of community helpers and add to the list by brainstorming items that the helper might need to do his/her job. If you have items/artifacts that your child can share about an occupation please let me know.

Shared Writing: Make a "Helping Hands" wreath. Students will brainstorm a list of community helpers and write each of the helpers on a hand contributing to our "wreath" hall display. Hand Reproducible (pdf format).

Independent Writing: Create a predictable chart for brainstorming, then students complete their own idea that will be assembled into a classbook.

A ____ helps us ____.


Quick Words in Reading: I will be sending home our Dolch Quick Reading Words packet. These are high frequency words that must be quickly identified while reading. Celebrate with your child as they learn to reach each of the levels by recording it on the cover sheet of the packet. I will be testing your child in their progress of recognizing these words throughout the year.



We are also working on Beginning and Ending Sounds this in our phonics lessons. Here are some fun web links for you to enjoy at home.

Rhyming Words Memory Game

Name the Picture short vowel sounds

Picture Match: Beginning letter sounds, short and long vowels

Word Maker: Word Families

Alphabet Organizer

Here is a web resource developed by teachers for students and their parents. The site offers free learning resources for pre-K through high school students.

Jan Brett Halloween Bookmark


Word Study

This Weeks Pre-Primer Word Study Spelling List

funny - That is a funny hat.

go - They go to school.

help - I will help you.

here - I sit here.

I - I am happy.

High Frequency Word Game